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Oak Across the Border

-Newark Star-Ledger; Dave D'Alessandro

It didn't take long for Charles Oakley to leave an imprint on his new Toronto teammates, and his style of leadership is more overt than in the past. On the first day, he handed out "Strictly business" T-shirts, explaining, "It's all about how you present yourself. If you come out being serious, you'll be taken seriously."

Oakley know what he's getting into, and seems to be amenable to the challenge. It goes beyond slogans. Oakley wants discipline, and said he would take measures to make certain it's instilled.

"These days, young guys don't seem like they want to change their ways," he said. "Coming in here with myself, Kevin Willis and Doug (Christie), we're going to try to lead them- not beat on them, but teach them."

Not beat on them?

"Not in public at least," he said.